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Table of contents:
Basics of All windows Introduction to the concept behind Sew Easy Windows Rev: 4/01
Business Articles    

Price Your Work With Confidence - It's About Profit

Why it is important to set your prices to earn a profit over and above your overhead and salary. Rev 1/13

Surviving in a Tough Economy


Networking is important, but first you must go back to the basics to ensure your business will survive in today's tight economy


What is Custom?
We need to understand the difference between standards and custom when working with clients. Rev 10/11
How To Run a Business Meeting
While we do enjoy developing personal relationships with our clients, it is important to remember that we are running a business too. Approach your client consulations as if they were business meetings. You will elevate your business and professionalism and many ways. Rev 10/11

Client Challenges

What to do when a client challenges your prices? Answer with a smile and calm confidence born in the belief of your business, your quality and your price list. Rev 3/12

Workroom Basics:    
Sewing Machine Maintenance
The threads are breaking or the tension is off and you are on deadline. Troubleshooting checklist to get you up and running again. Plus, advice on when to give it up and call in the repairman. Rev 4/10

Walls That Work

Do you have unused wall space in your workroom? Put it to work with a sheet of plywood or homosote. Rev: 3/04

Mitred Corners

Step-by-step to a beautiful mitred corner. Rev: 7/02

Choosing Lumber

Lumber comes in many types, sizes and grades. This article discusses the best lumber choices for the decorative workroom

Rev: 7/02

Fabulous Fan Folding

Fan folding drapery panels is a critical workroom skill. The folded panels transport easily, install quickly and look very professional. Learn tips for efficient fan folding in the workroom for standard drapery panels, extra-long panels and grommet panels. Rev: 11/12


Fearless Pattern Repeats - Part 1
How to stitch a straight seam, matching the pattern at the machine, plus how to handle different types of pattern repeats.

Rev 10/11

Fearless Pattern Repeats - part 2
Working with stripe and plaid fabrics. Includes techniques for blocking plaids and mirror imaging asymmetrical stripes. Rev 4/10
Half Drop & Drop Match Patterns
Understanding Half Drop and Drop Match patterns is crucial to calculating fabric requirements and planning drapery cuts to minimize waste. Rev 4/10

Cutting Techniques

Different fabrics and treatments require different methods for cutting the fabric. Always strive to cut on the straight of grain.

Rev: 4/02

Blocking/Squaring Fabric


Fabric which is not properly squared will often not hang well in the final product. Take the time to prepare your fabric pieces at the beginning of the project and the end result will be achieved more smoothly and consistently.

Rev: 4/02

Take the Challenge out of Tack Strips

Tack strips are an optional band attached to the top of a treatment to cover the raw ends. The strip provides flexibility in shipping, transporting and installing the treatment in that the treatment can be detached from the mounting hardware for easier handling and flexible adjustments. Rev: 1/10

Drapery Panels - Bottom Up Tabling

The efficient low-bulk method for tabling draperies. Rev 1/13
The Perfect Swag:  

Drawing The Basic Pattern

 Understanding the basic pattern shape, and drawing a basic pattern.

Rev: 4/03

Options & Variables

Detailed steps for customizing to any width and/or length.

Rev: 4/03

Fabrication & Troubleshooting

Step by step to cut and sew the swag. Also, a quality checklist for inspecting and fixing minor imperfections on the pattern and on the finished swag. Rev: 4/03


Detailed instructions for patterning, sewing and pleating a perfect point-to-point scarf swag. Rev: 4/03

Scarfswag Options & Variables

Details for customizing the scarf swag. Rev: 4/03
Point to Point Swags
Explore the beauty and versatility of this swag style. Also known as a Necklace Swag or Drapery Swag, this swag is has incredible potential as a design detail for any window treatment style.

Rev: 4/10

Cascades & Jabots:    
Striped Cascades & Jabots
Here is an alternative method for cutting cascade patterns from striped fabrics. Rev: 11/04



Awning Valance Frame

Building a bigger, better frame for an awning valance spanning 125". Rev: 2/05
Problem Solving: Miscellaneous problems as I encounter them, and the techniques by which I solved each problem. Rev: 10/03


>>>   Traverse rods which cannot be hung high enough above the window are unsightly from the streetside of the window.

Rev 2/04



>>> Ready made panels are not long enough for windows in new home.

Rev 2/04


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